Have you decided how you’re going to vote? It is tough this year because the two candidates have endless attributes to offer. They both bring so much to the table, so much depth, richness of character and reliability. Don’t worry folks, you don’t have to decide at all! You can have both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay available to enjoy anytime! No need to choose one over the other! Pinot Noir this year has the color depth that we saw in the 2015 vintage. Concentrated flavors, depth of aroma, fragrant and voluptuous. Chardonnay has that lemongrass note, coconut and banana on the nose. The palate reveals green apples, hints of vanilla and toasty oak. Vote for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and we all win!

Harvest is going very well. The autumn weather has been fantastic with mostly sunny, warm days met with cool, dark nights. There were a few very hot days, but mostly we have been in the low 80s and mid 50’s at night.

We are 95.4% complete with harvest. After this weekend, that number will be closer to 99%. This week, we have received 25 tons of Malbec from Hook Vineyard. Some think of Malbec as only a hot climate grape, but we have a unique block of Malbec at Hook that defies this notion. The wine always comes out dark as night, rich and luxuriously textured — one of our gems! We received several truckloads of Grenache from Hook and Ste. Philippe vineyards. This is the strawberry jam, cherry jubilee, velveteen red berry and spicy tannic component of our Hahn Winery Central Coast GSM. You will also find a Grenache in our Wine Club and Tasting Room portfolios of small lot handmade wines!

Our crews are still going strong, fueled by late night pizzas, Gatorade and carne asada. Tomorrow, we will get more Grenache as well as some Syrah from Arroyo Seco. Monday, we began bringing in our Merlot from the esteemed Ste. Philippe Vineyard in Arroyo Seco. Arroyo Seco is a completely gorgeous growing region known for being a bit arid, a place where the fertile Salinas Valley, the mountains of Tassajara and the verdant bucolic serenity of Carmel Valley meet. This area is true, classic, quintessential California. If you ever get the chance to get off the 101 for a side trip find your way to Arroyo Seco and see where our Merlot comes from! So, all that remains out there is Malbec, Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles. As our annual Harvest Celebration took place last Saturday and we took time to celebrate another successful harvest season, I would like to take time and symbolically toast with you to a great Harvest 2016.


Merlot from our Ste. Philippe Vineyard.


A breathtaking view of the Santa Lucia Highlands.


Malbec still hanging on the vines, getting ready to be harvested.


Natalie enjoys checking on the status of our wines.


Our estate vineyards overlooking the fertile Salinas Valley.


Prepping for our Harvest Celebration!


Why make a choice when you can have both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


The end of another great day at Hahn Estate.