Taking the Long View

Sustainable farming is more than adapting sensible practices that save water, conserve soil, cut down on energy use and reduce use of pesticides and other chemicals.  Sustainability is a never-ending quest–a way of looking long term, past the span of our own lives, to make decisions that not only pay off today but will be of benefit for generations to come.

In every phase of grape growing and winemaking, we are committed to sustainable practices that result in healthy vineyards and the well-being of our workers.  Hahn’s four SLH vineyards are certified under the rigorous Sustainability in Practice (SIP) standards which encompass water and soil conservation, efficient energy use, natural pest management and health and safety measures for our employees.

4 bees (SHV insectary row)

Some of our sustainability practices include:

  • Installing owl and bat boxes to enhance natural vertebrate pest control
  • Using composted material to add organic matter to low and poor-vigor sites
  • Mowing volunteer and planted cover crops to act as mulch and return organic matter back to the soil
  • Managing vine canopies to insure fruit quality and reduce pesticide use
  • Diverting water on slopes to manage run-off
  • Releasing beneficial insects into the vineyards and providing beneficial insect refuges near the vineyards
  • Planting winter cover crops to reduce erosion and increase nutrition
  • Using falcons for pest control
  • Providing comprehensive medical insurance and retirement benefits for all our vineyard employees
  • Monitoring dams to minimize sediment-laden water from leaving the property
  • Installing flow meters on wells to monitor water use
  • Whenever possible, scheduling irrigation to occur at night when evaporation losses are at their lowest
  • Recycling